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A range of VR CAVEs built to meet the needs of industry, from compact cubes to large scale bespoke installations
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Product Overview

Experience your project or product, and its related data 1:1 using cutting edge VR that critically allows teams to work together rather than alone via a headset. Key features of the FULmax include:

  • Near 1:1 scale immersive experience
  • Enables extreme collaboration across teams
  • A portal for leveraging digital twin data and information
  • Powerful technical partner ecosystem, bringing some of your favourite desktop tools to the CAVE
  • Reduced design time, improved decision making and better outcomes
  • Optioneering is intrinsic to working in the FULmax
  • Ability to fully exploit 3D data intelligence / property information
  • An elegant and simple user interface, designed for all
  • Built to work within your existing IT policies
  • Unrivalled engineering grade immersive display design
  • Exceptional virtualisation of space, helping clients understand the future of their project
  • The FULmax WIDE is built to satisfy social distancing requirements

The FULmax is available in a range of sizes and customisations, including the FULmax Cube, FULmax Wide and FULmax Custom. 


FULmax Cube

The FULmax Cube is a bespoke VR environment that provides a 1:1 experience of your project, or product, and its related data.

Standing 2.5m (W) x 2.5m (D) x 2.25m (H) it’s ideal for a construction site cabin, small office, office reception, co-located design team.

You can download the full specification for the FULmax Cube by clicking below. 


FULmax Wide

A fully bespoke VR environment, customised to your exact requirements. 

Standing 5m (W) x 2.5m (D) x 2.25m (H) it’s ideal for a larger project site, regional office, head office, event space, marketing suite or co-located design team. 

You can download the full specification for the FULmax Wide by clicking below. 

FULmax Custom

A fully bespoke VR environment, customised to your exact requirements. 

An ideal solution for when you have a dedicated space and are in need of a permanent solution.

You can download the full specification for the FULmax Custom by clicking below. 



The FULmax OS has been developed to provide users with a simple but effective interface with their project or product data and information.

Its range of associated applications deliver unique and stable functionality, the main interface is a large touch screen which has an intuitive and flowing experience. Project or product data can be launched directly from the touch screen, making it possible for any user to traverse multiple projects, multiple data sets or multiple partner technologies with ease. This simplicity is central to the FULmax OS design.

All common model formats are supported with no need for complex conversion workflows, a simple one click export sits within existing integrated partner applications, so no lengthy training programme is required before project data can start to be exploited and project risk reduced.

Seeing is believing, and Fulcro welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate the FULmax, its OS, and its applications at a time to suit you.

FULmax Apps

The FULmax core applications have been developed to provide an unrivalled customer experience, each plays a critical role in making the Fulmax come alive and allow users to enjoy a simple, effective experience when immersed inside their project or product data.


Intuitive touch screen interface through which users control the FULmax

Virtual Config

Data stored using the latest industry standards for secure access


Quickly customise the FULmaxOS output for your visualisation setup


Links several FULmax installations and lets teams collaborate in real-time


Use your devices to drive and control the FULmax over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi


Link FULmax installs at the same location to maximise experience size


Understand how your FULmax’s are being used with real-time analytics


Never lose data with the FULmax cloud backup service for enterprise


Control access to FULmax’s and projects using our web admin site


Display your laptop or device in the FULmax to enhance presentations


View, interact with and drive CAD and BIM software inside FULmax


View live 360-degree camera data from site for real-time collaboration

For more information about the FULmax or to arrange a demo, please call our team on +44 (0) 1789 490000 or click to complete our e-form.