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Markets & Sectors

The FULmax has been developed to work across a wide number of different markets and sectors, its versatile OS, core applications and technical integrations allow the VR CAVE to become a vital productivity tool for many.

Common to all market / sector applications is its ability to bring people and data together. The FULmax is the ideal place to rapidly identify issues or complications, it can open up controlled or safety critical spaces to a much wider audience – all in the comfort of the FULmax.

Many customers use the power of the FULmax to improve the way in which they induct and educate their staff, bringing a whole new dimension to those important activities. Large projects also have a responsibility to manage vast numbers of stakeholders, the general public and the press. The FULmax is an ideal tool from which to undertake public consultation and manage any concerns or interest there may be in high profile projects.

Please see below and browse the many different markets and sectors that FULmax has been built to serve.


Applications across the project lifecycle

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