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Extreme Collaboration

Better outcomes, faster, with greater buy-in from stakeholders and teams
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Improve the way you work with extreme collaboration

Central to the FULmax’s appeal is its ability to enable extreme collaboration across project teams, by this we mean new and improved ways to work, as teams, with data and information.

The outcome of extreme collaboration is reduced design time, increased project or product understanding, more diverse input into project or product delivery and hugely improved stakeholder engagement. Extreme collaboration can reduce the overall duration of a project whilst increasing engagement and the quality of decisions.

Once inside the FULmax, teams spend more time evaluating and making effective decisions, rather than simply wrestling with problems and continually having to describe difficult challenges that are hard to visualise.

This increased focus on evaluation and decision making as a team, in the room, dramatically reduces design time and ensures that teams confidently move forward as one. This approach reduces overall project delivery time and saves money.


Traditional Working v Extreme Collaboration

Traditional Working

  • Meeting time is spent describing the problem
  • Few decisions are made
  • A lack of clarity
  • Little Evaluation
  • Few useful outcomes
  • Project solutions are arrived at outside the meeting (silo working)

Extreme Collaboration

  • Meeting time is spent understanding the problem
  • Swift decisions are made
  • Collective understanding
  • Optioneering is intrinsic
  • Many useful outcomes
  • Project solutions are arrived at in the meeting (co-creation)
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