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Digital Twins

Harness the power of data through 1:1 scale intelligent virtual representations of physical assets or products.
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Creating a step change

In recent times there has been much written about digital twins, they are set to create a step change across multiple industry’s and be at the heart of technical innovation this decade.

For many organisations a digital twin can seem a long way up the road from their present activities, the FULmax closes the gap and provides a real environment from which to explore project data. This physical space clearly signposts the current status of a digital twin and visualises how and where it is synchronised with its physical twin.

The combination of accurate and up to date project or product data, available within the FULmax opens up many new possibilities for teams working across a multitude of sectors and markets.

Fulcro understands this area and has ensured that, through the FULmax, customers can interact, appreciate, collaborate and increase productivity by providing a powerful physical portal for teams to embrace digital twin data and information.

For more information about the FULmax or to arrange a demo, please call our team on +44 (0) 1789 490000 or click to complete our e-form.