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The FULmax is available in a number of different forms and with many different options. The range has been developed to give customers an ability to create a space that works for them, from bespoke branding to technical upgrades, the FULmax can be bought off the peg or fine tuned to a company’s corporate, project or space requirements.


  • FULmax CUBE VR CAVE (Capex or rental)
  • FULmax CUBE Maintenance and support package (PA)
  • FULmax WIDE VR CAVE (Capex or rental)
  • FULmax WIDE Maintenance and support package (PA)
  • FULmax CUSTOM VR CAVE (Capex)
  • FULmax CUSTOM Maintenance and support package (PA)


  • 2.1 sound system or 5.1 sound system
  • Custom wrap design service
  • Custom wrap production and installation
  • Flight cases / customer flight cases
  • 360 Cameras for data capture
  • Matterport scanners for data capture
  • Custom R&D (bespoke features, tailored to your needs)
  • Custom professional services (bespoke support, tailored to your needs)
For more information about the FULmax or to arrange a demo, please call our team on +44 (0) 1789 490000 or click to complete our e-form.