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Turning the Construction Playbook into 'oven ready' reality

Fulcro, along with their Dudley College Institute of Transformational Technologies Alliance partners, have produced this second Prospectus, revealing how we delivered outcomes that exceeded expectations in terms of programme, cost and running costs.  The now 'in vogue' imperatives of “Environmental, Social and Governance” were an integral part of that success.

Our message to Government and the Industry at large is: stop investing in lengthy reports which construction practitioners won’t read. Insurance Backed Alliancing is “oven-ready“: it DOES change our approach to delivery”.
Don’t waste more years trying to invent something else.  Instead: define the project brief, select the best team of organisations and people to deliver on that brief, empower them in an “insurance backed alliance” which assures collaboration, risk management and “no blame” – and you will get the results you deserve. 
Final design and build cost was about £58/m2 below the DfE’s standard schools benchmark and about £130/ m2 below the bespoke benchmark derived for this complex facility; and running costs are already projected to be 62% below the Advance I building that was procured on traditional “design & build” to BREEAM Excellent standards.