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Fulcro fully operational in 2021

Fulcro fully operational in 2021

Fulcro is fully operational in 2021. Our Wixford office is open to allow a small team to maintain IT and communications with the remainder of our people fully functional working from home. Our London office will reopen when the health situation, supported by Government guidance allows.

A big success story for 2020 was Fulcro’s support to the Midlands Metropolitan Hospital project. This NHS site benefited from our ability to draw on our team’s experience and knowledge gained over 18 years and through involvement in 28+ Hospital/Healthcare projects. A particular challenge in this project was ensuring that when COVID-19 hit the UK, our MMH team were fully enabled remotely to continue working to ensure maintenance of project deliverables.

Playing our part in the global effort against the pandemic, Fulcro are also proud to have been integral in the delivery of FullStack Modular COVID-19 testing units to a Mississippi Health Centre.

With a government strategy to roll out 48 new builds within the next ten years in the NHS, Fulcro welcome opportunities to further demonstrate the value our multi-disciplinary team bring, in mitigating risk, controlling cost and creating project certainty in this sector.