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Fulcro client presents the world's tallest volumetric modular building

We have been very privileged to have our client, Roger Krulak, Senior VP for Modular Construction at Forest City Ratner Companies in New York, accept our invitation to visit the UK to give a presentation showcasing the processes and technology used to design and construct the world's tallest volumetric modular building located in Brooklyn, New York.

Roger’s presentation at Digital Construction Week (DCW), covered the benefits of modular construction and in particular how Fulcro is a key partner in delivering the project. He explained that by using a range of BIM and Virtual Design and Construction processes and technologies, Fulcro has ensured that the design and manufacture of the modules in the factory is fully coordinated and to a high level of accuracy, so that the work and disruption on site is minimised.

For a detailed overview of the project and a recording of Roger's complete presentation please go to the case study here.

The presentation took place at Digital Construction Week, in London in October 2015. DCW is a premier event showcasing the latest digital construction technology and processes from around the globe. As well as our client presenting at the event we also launched our range of AEC solutions and services that our new COINS:FULCRO partnership offers.

This is a very exciting time for us as we start to build on the opportunities that are being generated from the partnership of COINS and Fulcro.

COINS and Fulcro share the vision of combining software development with the application of 3D digital prototyping to deliver more effective, robust information faster and at lower cost. The new global COINS:FULCRO partnership is in a unique position to work with the industry to manage information, improve design and construction assembly, and handle the data exchange to empower the lifecycle of any project.