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FULmax centre stage at UHEI Conference 2018

FULmax has enjoyed a year of unprecedented success with new clients across a multitude of industries and growing worldwide interest. 

The revolutionary VR technology has captured the imagination of businesses who want their construction projects to run efficiently, on-time and on-budget. The 2018 Universities and Healthcare Estates & Innovation (UHEI) conference provided the latest opportunity to showcase FULmax and its unique capability to deliver a 360 degrees immersive environment for any construction project. 

The UHEI conference is a comprehensive, two-day event that addresses some of the key issues facing the University and Healthcare sectors. Uniquely, the conference addresses each issue from a University perspective, and then from a Healthcare perspective - allowing delegates to gain insight into both areas. The attendees were comprised of a range of professionals from across the higher education and healthcare sectors. 

Fulcro has a proud history of working closely with healthcare and educational institutions on their construction projects. Therefore UHEI was identified as the perfect opportunity to not only showcase the potential of FULmax, but also highlight Fulcro’s impressive portfolio of work in the respective industries. 

Dr Alan Arthur, said: “The UHEI 2018 conference was a perfect opportunity for us to showcase our revolutionary FULmax technology to key stakeholders from across the higher education and health sector. We have had an incredibly positive response from the delegates at the conference and they were all enthused about the prospect of FULmax being at the heart of their construction projects moving forward. “2018 has been a truly fantastic year for FULmax and we’re really excited about how this technology will continue to enable us to drive change in the construction industry. For too long construction projects have been reliant on antiquated methods that often results in costly delays. However, FULmax offers a new opportunity for businesses to become at one with their project and scope out every minor detail in advance to ensure maximum efficiency. 

“We would also like to thank Wilmott Dixon and the University of Birmingham for inviting us to showcase FULmax at the conference and for their continued support.”