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Helsinki Sillhouette

FULmax | Shaping the future of international urban construction

Over the past twelve months FULmax has enjoyed considerable commercial success, with high-profile clients from across the globe looking to implement its revolutionary technology into their projects. As part of this sustained development, FULmax’s capabilities have been tested in a variety of different environments to see if they can match up to the dynamic requirements of the construction industry.

One of the recent projects that FULmax has worked on has been the 3D Virtual Reality reconstruction of the entire capital City of Finland, Helsinki. FULmax worked with the ‘Helsinki 3D’ project team to provide an immersive environment, which allows users to virtually explore the city in its entirety, without the use of a headset or visual aids. The project itself aims to provide the city’s residents with a greater oversight into the future construction of the area and also enable them to see at first hand Helsinki’s energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental impact of transport.

Helsinki itself is seen as a pioneer as it currently provides an open platform through the internet for people to view 3D reconstructions of the City via YouTube videos and still graphics. Despite this innovative approach, videos and graphics have limited impact when they’re viewed in their linear form. In particular, construction projects in the city will struggle to gain maximum benefit from this approach unless they’re able to view their surroundings in an immersive environment.

Dr Max Mallia-Parfitt, has been working closely with this project since its inception and is incredibly excited about the potential of not only Helsinki 3D, but also the impact this work could have on a global scale.

“Since launching the FULmax technology it’s mainly been utilised by companies within the construction industry who are looking to use FULmax to help drive efficiency, safety and compliance within their various projects. However, this Helsinki project has allowed us to really test the capabilities of FULmax and showcase the huge potential that this technology has globally.

“Understanding urban development continues to be a major issue for cities across the world, as it’s previously been difficult for planners, architects and construction professionals to accurately map out the impact that a particular project will have on the entire, delicate eco-system of a major city. However, being able to view the whole city in the FULmax environment provides construction companies with an added layer of detail and preparation that previously would have been impossible to achieve.

“This means that future construction projects within Helsinki, will have the unique benefit of being able to view the proposed project in stunning 3D, at 16K resolution within an immersive 360 degrees environment. This will not only provide greater oversight for the construction companies, but it also has the potential to change the face of public engagement for potentially controversial projects.

“This is truly a huge step forward in ‘big city construction’ as the reliance on archaic methods can now be forgotten and innovative technology such as FULmax should now sit at the heart of international urban construction for years to come.”