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FULmax and REVIZTO to deliver VR digital collaboration through new partnership

Fulcro, and its revolutionary FULmax technology, are proud to announce a new partnership with REVIZTO to help deliver digital collaboration for construction projects via immersive virtual reality (VR).

The partnership will bring together the expertise and experience of both FULmax and REVIZTO’s teams to help aid project engagement, design reviews and defect tracking. This will be delivered within FULmax’s immersive VR environment or ‘BIM CAVE’, which brings construction projects to life like never before through life-size models and live project data access.

REVIZTO, is a cloud-based visual collaboration software for architects, engineers and contractors to communicate their design within the project team in a navigable 3D environment. The newly formed partnership will help ensure best practice and skills are shared across the AEC sector to ultimately help drive positive change within the construction industry as a whole.

The announcement follows another extremely successful year for FULmax, with increased interest and implementation from clients across the construction industry. The technology continues to have a positive impact on construction projects throughout the world and a collection of the most iconic projects that FULmax has been utilised for will be available to view at Digital Construction Week 2019.

Dr Max Mallia-Parfitt, Director of Applied Technologies at Fulcro, said: “We are delighted to announce our new partnership with REVIZTO. This is an incredibly exciting time for the construction industry, and we are confident that by combining the skills and expertise of FULmax and REVIZTO; we can continue to have a hugely positive impact on construction projects moving forward.

“Partnerships like this one with REVIZTO, only help us improve the capability of our technology, which subsequently delivers a more comprehensive service for our customers.

“We’re looking forward to sharing our plans for the future with the industry at Digital Construction Week, so please visit us at our stand!”

Rhys Lewis, Business Development Director at REVIZTO, said: “Leading by example and pushing the digital boundaries is really what this partnership is all about. Gamification of BIM is right here and our work with FULmax is helping our mutual clients make smarter decisions sooner!’

You can find out more about the new partnership at Digital Construction Week. There will be a fully operational FULmax at stand C42 whilst REVIZTO will be demonstrating their world class technology at stand F12.