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Thames Tideway Project picks up prestigious award following FULmax integration

FULmax’s immersive, interactive and collaborative technology has been used across the world to help deliver complex construction projects on-time, within budget and with complete certainty. 

One of these projects is the Thames Tideway Tunnel West, where FULmax has had a significant influence across a multitude of areas and specialities. FULmax has delivered a virtual digital twin environment of the project in unprecedented detail that enables the Balfour Beatty, Morgan Sindall, BAM Nuttall Joint Venture’s teams to work collaboratively and with greater certainty. It’s due to this work with FULmax, that Tom Price of Morgan Sindall, recently won the ‘Going digital: Advancements in Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Networks’ award at Bentley’s prestigious Year in Infrastructure (YII) 2019 ceremony in Singapore. 

To understand the complexity and scale of this work, the landmark Thames Tideway Project involves the construction of a 25km tunnel under London’s river that will prevent the tens of millions of tonnes of pollution that currently enters the River Thames every single year. This necessary expansion of London’s sewer network is due for completion in 2024, and is taking place across 24 construction sites in London. These span from Acton in West London to Beckton in the East, and many are located on the river edge in the centre of the city.

Whilst FULmax continues to have a significant, positive impact on the practical delivery of this project, it’s also been utilised in other creative ways that only highlight its wide-ranging potential and scope. This includes FULmax being placed at the heart of a comprehensive public engagement strategy, which helped educate the public about the project, its impacts and the long-term benefits that it will deliver to communities across London. Previously, this process would’ve been conducted through difficult and often unproductive public meetings, but FULmax provides the unique opportunity to walk-through and explore every aspect of the project in a more open and friendly environment. 

There has also been significant health and safety benefits that FULmax has delivered to the Thames Tideway project. For the first time, on-site construction staff have been able to receive their safety briefings and familiarisation training in a collaborative virtual environment that allows them to experience site conditions in unprecedented detail prior to their work. This has led to increased productivity and a greater understanding of the project as a whole. 

Dr Max Mallia-Parfitt, Director of Applied Technologies, Fulcro, said: “We are absolutely delighted to see Tom Price of Morgan Sindall pick up this prestigious award for his work on the Thames Tideway project. Tom has been a huge advocate of FULmax since its initial delivery into the market, and this award is living proof of the tangible long-term benefits that FULmax provides for large-scale construction projects. 

“We’ve worked closely with Tom and his team from the start to ensure they are maximising FULmax’s potential and have been able to work collaboratively to drive positive change throughout all their project teams. It’s been a privilege for us to be so closely involved in such a significant and wide-ranging construction project and we are proud of the positive impact that FULmax has had.  

“We would like to thank Tom and his teams for their ongoing work with FULmax and since this implementation, similar FULmax installations have been used on several other significant projects and it’s this success that enabled the construction industry to have a blueprint for how future construction projects across the world are delivered.”