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FULmax officially launches to USA market at prestigious Autodesk University Las Vegas events

2019 continues to be a ground-breaking year for Fulcro’s revolutionary FULmax technology. Throughout the year, thousands of professionals from across the Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure industries have experienced the collaborative, interactive and immersive FULmax technology first-hand.

Following an extremely successful exhibition at the London Digital Construction Week 2019, FULmax will now be heading to the USA and specifically, the Autodesk University (AU) Las Vegas event and Forge DevCon, from 18-21 November 2019.

The two events will connect over 10,000 professionals from construction, manufacturing, architecture and media creation. It is truly a unique opportunity to connect with the best in the business, share technical knowledge, solve unique business challenges, and gain a deeper understanding of cross-industry opportunities.

FULmax’s attendance at the Las Vegas events, demonstrates the commitment from Fulcro to establish its technology into the diverse and dynamic American AEC market.

Dr Max Mallia Parfitt, Applied Technologies Director, Fulcro, said: “Having been part of Autodesk University events in the UK, we understand its value, significance and popularity in the industry. At the very heart of Autodesk is the belief in innovation to drive positive change to industry processes, and our FULmax technology fits in line perfectly with that philosophy.

“We’ve had a fantastic response from across the globe to our FULmax technology and we’re looking forward to this fantastic opportunity at AU Las Vegas. There’s a huge potential market in the USA that won’t have seen technology like the FULmax previously, and I am looking forward to showing how construction projects can benefit from introducing the FULmax and collaborative digital twins into their process.

“We’re delighted to confirm that the FULmax will be part of the Unity stand (#AE210), where it will launch Unity Reflect, BIM to real-time 3D in one click.

“There will also be the opportunity to experience our wide portfolio of globally significant projects within FULmax’s truly collaborative virtual environment. We look forward to welcoming you and your teams to find out how we’re #CreatingProjectCertainty every single day.”

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days and weeks via our social media and digital channels as we build up to these exciting events, to hear more about FULmax’s ongoing integration into the American market.