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Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is promising to “BUILD BUILD BUILD” by injecting billions of pounds into public projects to ease the UK

This week the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, chose Dudley College of Technology (DCoT) to make a major announcement about the government’s investment plans to boost the economy. The Prime Minister vowed the government would tackle the problems created by the “lightning flash” of the pandemic by pumping investment into a huge programme of public works.

The Prime Minster was accompanied by Neil Thomas, Chief Executive and Principle of DCoT, along with West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street, and Marco Longhi MP, to the site of the new Black Country & Marches Institute of Technology (IoT), another Project Fulcro are contributing to.

Speller Metcalfe who are one of the Institute of Transformational Technologies [IoTT] Alliance members, along with DCoT, Fulcro, Cullinan Studio, Cundall, GCA and Derry Building Services supported by IPInitiatives, and fabulous suppliers, proudly showed the UK’s Prime Minister around the projects construction site today.

While Boris went a little off script today alighting the six tonne dumper truck whilst on site, he still managed to deliver his ‘no to austerity speech’ and emphasised his government’s plan to “build our way out of the current crisis“.

“The most successful societies will be the most innovative” said the Prime Minister.

Innovative; The Institute of Transformational Technologies is DCoT’s latest project under construction. The project captures the very essence of the PM’s message through its novel procurement mechanism devised by the IPI procurement initiative and is currently recommended for trial by our UK government.

The IPI procurement mechanism supports a truly digital workflow and falls very much in line with the UK’s ‘Digital Built Britain Strategy’, completely unimpeded by all the waste and adversarial nonsense experienced under more traditional forms of procurement.

The IoTT is both Fulcro and DCoT’s second application of this innovative procurement mechanism, following the successful 6.5% savings delivered against the college’s capital investment on their previous project, ‘Advance2’.

The IoTT is a £26 million-pound investment and is intended to deliver critically needed industry focussed level 4+ programmes of education for advanced manufacturing and modern methods of construction including medical engineering. The institute will house a virtual reality (VR) system known as the FULmax, which will enable students to experience a 360-degree immersive view of the Projects they are working on in a collaborative manner.

In addition, Fulcro is supporting the next generation of digital builders at DCoT with a series of practical curriculum assignments, in the shape of the ‘Digital Assault Course’.

Fulcro commented: -
“What we need to do now is get the Private and Public Sectors to realise what they could stand to gain by challenging the “traditional procurement routes” and deliver projects digitally under a collaborative project mechanism that caps risks and shares reward. This is how we protect the taxpayer’s money and ensure value in the investment we are making. We need find clients who want to help, then Fulcro and others can lead the way to sustainable and substantive savings, as evidenced by the experiences to date by the DCoT. So, Boris “Who do we speak to?”