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Committed to a better future for construction

We are incredibly passionate about driving change within the industries in which we operate, and we are lucky to be able to work with a client base that is equally motivated around innovation and transformation.

Fulcro has worked with 125+ Clients and supported over 330 projects, this converts to over 700,000 of project hours executed. This experience gives us a unique perspective from which to engage industry, please feel free to download these documents – they are examples of what we have learned, and we are proud to share them.


Successful delivery of healthcare facilities

This document provides an overview of the successful digital delivery of 28 NHS projects, with an average 4.2% cost saving against capital expenditure targets. Fulcro has an extensive track record in healthcare and is well known for ‘performance tuning’ the built environment. Please download this document to learn how successful digital delivery can be reliably delivered with Fulcro.


Turning the construction playbook into ‘oven-ready’ reality using insurance backed alliancing

Lean how to collaborative effectively, manage risk and create the right culture for your next project using the IPI model. This prospectus focuses on the Dudley College Institute of Transformational Technologies alliance and how it delivered outcomes that exceeded expectations. Please download this document to learn more about the IPI and its work with Fulcro.


Cutting edge VR enables inclusive design approach

Find out how Architects worked with the University of Birmingham to make better design decisions using cutting edge virtual reality technology. The team collaborated using a physical VR CAVE, which enabled a fully immersive experience of the design for all involved, together, but without the need for headsets. This approach delivered numerous benefits to the design process and stakeholder engagement.


The convergence of sustainability and collaboration

Advance II is a key demonstration project in a Cabinet Office trial, the IPI Alliance contract has enabled interdisciplinary collaboration within the Integrated Project Team (IPT). A strong focus on sustainable design, by a multidisciplinary working group, has delivered an efficient facility which has engineered natural ventilation systems.