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Senior MEP Coordinator

Job Vacancy - Senior MEP Coordinator

ROLE: Senior MEP Coordinator with Coordinated Design Services [CDS]

LOCATION: Wixford (Stratford-upon Avon) or Central London (Waterloo)

SALARY: To be based on experience, skills, and ability


This role is aimed towards individuals that have a high level of experience in the production and delivery of quality 3D models for the Mechanical, Engineering and Plumbing [MEP] of the Construction Industry, with extensive knowledge of the interaction with Architecture, Engineering & Construction [AEC]

This position will give an individual the chance to work on some of the top construction projects in the UK and worldwide, develop their future through Continuous Personal Development, and work with a skilled, talented, and multi-disciplinary team.

The individual will also be exposed to all areas of the business, to produce an employee that is truly multi-disciplined.


This role will require the individual to:

  • Produce high quality, multidisciplined, coordinated 3D models.
  • Produce high quality 2D sheet Production Outputs.
  • Interact within or lead Coordination meetings internally and externally.
  • Required to attend client co-ordination and other review meetings.

·         Assist & lead other members of the team in project delivery.