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Full Stack Programmer


To support code development of internal tools and client facing
applications, engage in proof-of-concept work, systems
prototyping, and provide 2nd tier software support within the
Applied Technologies team.
Work to develop cutting edge Virtual and Mixed Reality tools for
use in the Construction sector.
Role will be within an Agile R&D team and will require you to cover a
range of programming disciplines for embedded applications, web
portals, SaaS, database management, and app development.


  •  Work with R&D team to develop new applications and
    functionality based on client requirements
  • Develop proof-of-concept ideas and code into deliverable
  • Manage and design databases to support operations and
    product rollout
  • Develop on feedback from the FULmax engagement team,
    regarding product availability, capability, and improvements
    required by clients
  • Assist in Quality Assurance programs for our code and
    integrations with 3rd party API’s
  • Maintain product knowledge and keep the Director of Applied
    Technologies apprised of any changes to API’s and
    integrations that might affect our customers
  • Work with 3rd party code, providing feedback to Beta
    programs and explain required updates
  • Provide 2nd tier remote software support to clients as
  • Monitoring of and understanding data trends received from
    deployed devices/software to optimise customer experience
    and pre-empt operational and technical issues
  • Liaising and Communicating with Applied Technologies and
    Fulcro staff in relation to deadlines and requirements
  • Working closely with the Director of Applied Technologies to
    understand software development strategy and product
  • Adhering to all company policies and procedures
  • Performing on any other reasonable task assigned by the
  • Working remotely and in an office setting as required

To apply please email your CV to: Candidates must be eligible to work and live in the UK.