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Fulcro are experts at removing risk and improving processes for the construction, engineering, architecture, and infrastructure sectors. This is achieved through the targeted application of innovative technology, skilled people and a wealth of experience.

The Fulcro journey began in 2002, and during that time our business has developed substantially to become synonymous with delivering a niche and exceptional service to clients and project teams across the globe.

At the heart of our core business philosophy remains a staunch commitment to our VALUES, providing a heartfelt service, being delightfully surprising, passionate, honest and acting always with INTEGRITY.

Innovation, and improvement form part of our continual development, in addition we work to remove the traditional boundaries that hinder the creative and collaborative processes.


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Our Leadership

Ben Haldin

Managing Director & Founder

Sarah Hawkins


Robert Brown

Non-Executive Chairman

Heather Rose

Director of Finance

Steve Williams

Operations Director

Diane Powell

Commercial Manager

Our Social Responsibility



It’s common sense that when you seek to improve the world in some way, (even if its just within your local community) those taking part are going to feel good about what they accomplish, be happier with their work, and have a desire to do more and work harder.

Fulcro believes that active involvement with our local communities enables us to spread our knowledge, skills and experience to benefit society in general.

  • We believe in building relationships to support our people, partners and clients in helping raise the profile of our industry, making it a better place for all to work and develop a career.
  • We are actively involved in the education sector providing our knowledge, expertise + experience to develop and shape future talent.
  • We are passionate about integration and making technology accessible to the masses.
  • We look to work with local suppliers to boost the local economy.
  • We facilitate research and development to improve the industry in which we work.
  • We collaborate with a multitude of leading organisations to help shape the next generation of project delivery.
  • We work to improve understanding and drive positive change around specific industry challenges and market issues.

​Our Commitment to Sustainability


Submission Document 2018

Fulcro are passionate about improving and making our living and working environment sustainable for future generations. All our people are digitally enabled which means they can work from anywhere, minimising travel, and enabling a lower carbon footprint.

Digital twins developed using BIM as the delivery mechanism are at the centre of every project Fulcro delivers. This enables us to remove waste and inefficiencies from traditional workflows and provides the ability to deliver projects faster, with increased quality whilst improving understanding of the built assets operational and environmental impacts.

  • We continually research modern methods of construction and have 18+ years’ experience in developing the use of technology that enables off site manufacturing and design for manufacture and assembly DfMA.  
  • We have a proven track record in both our design contribution, construction and testing of naturally vented buildings, and remain committed to promoting and taking this knowledge forward on to future projects.  

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We are proud to support the COOKIE BAR launched in 2011 as a social enterprise driving positive social change.
The Cookie Bar is part of a much wider group of social projects supported by COINS Foundation.