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Smart business cards – one of the 7 tech trends to watch in construction

In a recent interview with Construction News, Fulcro’s Dr. Max Mallia-Parfitt spoke to reporter, Jack Simpson about our smart business cards. According to Construction News these cards are one of the technology trends to watch out for in 2016.

Smart Business Cards
‘Gone are the days when business cards were limited to exchanging mere contact details. Now construction workers can carry their whole project back catalogue in their wallet, all on the back of a business card.

UK-based Coins and Fulcro have used the latest in augmented reality to develop an app that can read QR codes on the back of business cards and automatically make a full 360-degree digital representation of a completed or planned project appear on the phone’s screen.

The app allows users to zoom in and out and assess the interior and exterior of a project on a room-by-room basis if needed.

With clients and partners increasingly keen for tangible evidence of planned work, don’t be surprised if you see these floating around at networking events in the near future.’

The above was extracted from the article, 7 tech trends to watch in construction,  with kind permission from Construction News, the UK’s leading source of construction industry news, market intelligence and forecast and trend data. Check out the other 6 tech trends here.

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